Intermittent Internet drop's

Having an issue with my Internet going away, not physically but logically.  I have 20/5 with a DGL-4300 (yes I have had service that long), I can go for 5 days or 6 hours between issues.  Basically when I logon to my DLink I see the FiOS PPTP connection is still up, but I can not ping beyond my gateway and websites fail.  I am connected both wired and wireless and the issue appears on both, I also realize that over the last week or so Verizon has been performing some upgrades in the area, I am hoping that this is the cause of the upgrade and therefore I will not be seeing this any longer...

What prompted me to post here is that on Sunday (2nd of Feb) I dropped out 3 times and once was for an extended period of time (I can usually just click disconnect and count to 5 then reconnect and all is good again), I was out for near 20 minutes.

Re: Intermittent Internet drop's
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#1 Go to Advanced -> Advanced Network.

Make sure UPnP in the router is turned off.

What is the router set to regarding pings? Enable WAN Ping Respond (yes/no)?

#2 Go to Basic -> Network Settings. What is the Starting and Ending IP address(es)?

#3 Since this is a wireless router, do you have any sort of wireless security set up (WEP/WPA)?
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