Internet FIOS >> Wrong information resulted early termination fee

I have shifted from Comcast to FIOS as the sales guy gave me an offer and convenience me to shift to FIOS just to save few dollars per month. I have told him that I will be relocating in another 5 to 6 months and not in a position to sign for contract. Then, he explicitly called his customer care and got confirmation that there will be no early termination fee if I relocate to any location where FIOS is not available. I was attracted with this offer and shifted to FIOS. I haven’t taken any written communication as the logic sounds very good and believed that they deal this kind of cases regularly and don’t pass wrong information.

Before I relocate to Indiana, I have called customer care to transfer my service and they checked and confirmed that they don’t have FIOS service, hence they are terminating my service and confirmed that I don’t have to pay any early termination fee and just need to pay the prorate for the current month usage. Also, asked me to call back them and update the new address to send a shipping box so that I can return the Fios Internet Modem.

Now, I got a bill with early termination fee of 120 dollars and also got an email stating that a shipping box has been sent to my old address to return the equipment. I don’t know how this is possible when I told that I relocated. I called customer service twice and waited 30 mins each time and no proper response and they are saying it is mandatory to pay early termination fee. The customer care representative struggled to find the terms and conditions document and trying to explain some terms which are not at all understandable. I don’t remember that I have signed any of these terms and conditions at the time of taking FIOS.

2 out of 3 verizon employees told me that there is no ETF in my case in each step.

I wanted Verizon to send me the shipping box to my new address so that I can return the equipment and request to educate their sales team and customer care team on ETF and wanted to revert early termination fee imposed on my bill.

Also don’t provide false information to customers to sell your products.