Internet Installation... Horribly Disappointing

I thought Verizon was going to be a step up from the other ISPs, I was severely mistaken. I haven't even gotten my Internet set up and I already had some of the worst service. It unbelievable how many other complaints there are for the same reasons. This is a last resort to see if anyone at Verizon can finally get my Internet set up. It's a bit long...

  • Placed an order on April 30th (online), went through smoothly, got a $5 discount (hopefully that'll still be honored) .  A bit upset I'm forced to buy a phone line if I only wanted Internet... 
  • My install date was for May 6th, confirmation said everything would be brought with the install tech when they come. The time frame given for installation was a bit ridiculous, it said to be home from 8am to 5pm... so I had a take an entire day off of work for that. I had gotten a second email a few days later confirming the installation. 
  • Waited around all day on the 6th, until 4:30 came around and things were looking grim, no one was there yet. I called into the help number on my order and the automated system said there was problem with the order (that was suppose to be installed at 9am) and that it was on hold.. It's frustrating not being informed when this sort of thing happens.. I didn't receive a phone call, an email... nothing. 
  • I get ahold of a person who confirmed there was a problem with the lines in the central office... Ok fine... they said to me it would be fixed by the end of the day and they'd have to give me a call back the next day to discuss setting up another installation time and even said we can discuss compensation (really not sure what that would be). I figured ok not so bad... 
  • I get a voicemail the next day from a supervisor who then went on to say, the engineers said the lines to my house were bad and the problem won't be fixed until May 21st!? She then went on to say that she realized this was a while off and they will expedite the matter with the engineering department. Alright, so maybe it'll be done sooner but what the heck.. the 21st?
  • I called in nearly everyday after that until the 19th waiting for confirmation it was expedited and each time was told it's still the 21st. Obviously they couldn't honor they claim of expedition.
  • Called in on the 19th to try to get a supervisor to confirm what's happening. I was then told they are still working on the matter and that the expected resolution date is now May 30th!!?? I was furious, I told the supervisor I'll have to think over what I'm doing here and if I'm just to going cancel because this is ridiculous. Funny thing, he was so quick to try to get me over to their cancellation department, like they were just waiting for me to say this. I said no I don't want to cancel right now I have to think it over. Honestly there was no one else in my area who had lines set up already to my house. RCN already jerked us around for over for 2 weeks claiming we could get service until we got a never mind and Service Electric is just a horrible company with a strict data cap.
  • Called back on the 20th to make sure they didn't cancel the repairs on me. I wanted to get to anyone in the engineering department to get some exact information as to why this is being pushed back again and customer service said that, they don't have a number to transfer me to, they can only "chat on their internal systems with them", they're all I can talk to and that's all of the information they have. 

This whole situation is extremely unacceptable, I just can't believe how horrible these circumstances has been. From my experiences so far, I would never recommend Verizon to anyone. This post probably won't do me any good but just wanted to share the terrible experience so far, very disappointed.