Internet Outages with DSL Service


Below is my experience over the past month with Verizon and my DSL problems.  If anyone has any ideas on the next path I can take it would be appreciated.

Around mid-May started having problem of internet light going out and being unable to connect to the internet.

May 22nd – A technician, {edited for privacy} came out and tested all connections and wiring to the house.  The light was on during his tests.  Gave the signal an A grade and said things looked great.  He said to try and connect with him when the light went out so he or the right team could run some tests.  We were never able to connect and the following week he was in training for 3 weeks so he advised me to call his supervisor {edited for privacy}.

June 8th - In the meantime scheduled a second service call since the problem was not resolved.  A technician, {edited for privacy}, came to the house.  I informed him of everything to date and he spent about 30 minute at the central box running tests.  He confirmed that he could see a problem in the network / wiring coming from the main office and that the signal was spotty and cutting out.  He said he could not fix it, but that we would pass the information on to the right team and they would be in the field in a day or two to get it resolved.  He also said {edited for privacy} would be the person to speak with if it was not fixed.

June 9th – Received a recorded message that it was fixed, but the issue was still occurring.

June 13th – Was able to contact {edited for privacy} who reviewed the information and that that he would get his “slick” team out on it in the next day or two and that should resolve the problem.  He said he would follow up once there was a plan or resolution but to date have never received a call.

June 15th – June 23rd – Was out of town on vacation.

June 24th – The internet light cut out again.

June 25th – Called Verizon support to request a new modem to see if that was the issue.  In reviewing the case and discussing with the technical team they could confirm that the issue was not resolved and there was a problem in the network.  They said that the issue would be escalated to the network team and would be resolved in 24 to 48 hours. This was the third or fourth time we received the same canned answer to date.

Re: Internet Outages with DSL Service
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We have not heard a response back on the private support board we have been working with you on. Should you need additional help please create a new post for us to help.