Internet Service

I live in Gloversville, NY Fulton Co.   About 3-4 years ago I checked on the
availability for Verizon internet service in my area.   At that time I was told it was not available yet.  But
I got told at the time by one of your CS Reps that it should be coming soon.  That was over 3 years ago.
I kept checking 3-4 times a year and still no availability.  I just checked again and once again unavailable
in my location.  I have been dealing with the only 2 providers up here and their services are really bad, also
practically the only providers up here.   I checked and see you have it available in parts of Schenectady, NY. 
It appears you only want customers from LARGE cities and yet I continually am getting email advertisements
in the email and snail mail for service. I am just getting very tired of this.

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