Internet connection drops but some devices are still working

Have been using Fios for 10+ years and no issues. Moved in to a new town house and using Fios again. Just having a Verizon Fios box and a RJ45 to my own TP-link WiFi router.

Sometimes TP-link router will lose internet from the Verizon box (TP-link status LED turns to amber from green) and some devices will lose connection, however, some devices continue to work. My work PC which is VPN connected to my work place always continue to be up. Power cycle the Verizon box will fix the issue (no need to reset my router).

Complained this to Verizon and they replaced the Verizon box, and no more disconnect. But this is coming back again.

I don't understand why some are dropping but some are not. Any idea?

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