Internet cuts off

So for the last week my internet has continually shut off. After for days of being told a microwave or a garage door opener was affecting it I had enough. I was on the phone for about 2 hours last night with tech support.

Previously Everytime I called the ONT had to be reset to have the internet resume it's normal functions.

After last night's call it was determined that my modem is failing and that is the central cause of the problems. All my lights stay lit and show that I should be connected but I have nothing both wired and unwired.

As of this morning the I can see that the IP is failing also.


So I do have a Nighthawk 1900 and a Motorola surfboard that I used with my previous service provider. Would both of these be compatible with my current FiOS internet at 100D-100Up. 

Re: Internet cuts off

You are internet only,correct?

verizon does not use modems even as extenders so get rid of it from the equation.

the ethernet cable from the ONT (assuming you have the ethernet active for your service) then hooks into the WAN port (not any of the LAN ports) and after a few minutes the netgear should have DNS and be actively blinking as connected.

from here you access the router or and set your wifi up if you have not done so previously. From there test it wired via ethernet to one of your LAN PORTS with a laptop or desktop computer. If you get on the net you are good to go. Test the wifi as well and if functional its set up properly.