Internet disconnecting at same time every day

Hi! Since I've been working from home recently, I've noticed that around 1PM EST every day, our internet seems to disconnect. It usually resolves as I just manually go and click the network I want to join (I haven't tried to just "let it sit" to see what happens and see if it automatically rejoins the network it kicked me from), but it consistently happens most days. I'm much more aware of it now as I'm usually on a call and my call disconnects. 

No other changes- I will be sitting in the same spot and it just kicks me off of the network (I have a Mac, it doesn't "appear to try and search", it just disconnects completely). It appears this is the only time it does it too- and consistently around 12:55-1:05PM EST range.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Internet disconnecting at same time every day
Community Leader
Community Leader

Q1 What is the brand and model of your router?

Q2 If you are wireless connected to it, does the same thing happen on a wired connection?

Q3 While we get that you have FIOS Internet, do you also have FIOS TV?

Please note for this next question even if you have another one that is not use, you must say so. For example: Yes, but it is a spare.

Q4 Do you have a separate router?

Please note for this next question: One of the NICs must be a wired NIC and it should not be a portable type of computer (ex: a laptop).

Q5 Do you have spare computer that works that either has two NICs or you could add a second NIC?