Internet goes down during peak hours.
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I have 2 wireless routers and a handful of switches. I have a problem that started after the big windstorm on friday March 2nd. One of my wireless routers loses internet connectivity. And it always seems to happen between 4 and 10 PM. Which I assume is peak usage time for FIOS internet. It's not a wifi issue as wired connections also don't work, so the router can't see the internet. Other routers can. I tried switching routers/switches. Same thing. It will go down for maybe 5 minutes and go back up for 2 and then go down for 3, etc.. . At say 6 AM, everything always works perfectly. We also occasionally lose internet connectivity in total at my house. But it's far less frequent than just losing it on the one router.

We've had similar issues before and it was fixed by something done on their end without anyone coming to my house. Like maybe they upped to voltage or something. I usually have to jump through hoops resetting things until I finally convince them to do the same thing they've always done before. Problem is now I can't connect to their technical support. The wait times are exhorbitantly long. I just give up after an hour or so.

I know it's a long shot, but Any suggestions?

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Really hard to say without a network diagram.

But I assume you have one rotuer that conencts to ONT and any others slave off of it.

If it is not the router that connects directly to the ONT, then it is an internal network issue on your side.

When you lose all connectivity, what indication do you see on main router?

Can you ping default gateway?

How long does it last?

If long enough, have you gone out to check ONT for any error lights?


To bring this thread up to date -- I have been having the same problemo here in Monrow Twp. NJ 08831 ---- It alwyas seems to happen during peak periods during holidays and when kids are home from school ... This has been going on for about a year or more --- Its no big deal --- I just wait a few hours and re-boot the router -

But from what i hear -- This should not happen --- Without getting to techie--  to me the system is just overloaded --- Otherewise the FIOS works great and I am in the process of bringing down my monthly bill ---And  now the Disney /Verizon battle looms - Happy New Year ---