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Thank you for your post. I have a AEBS that worked VERY well when I had cable, that is now collecting dust on my switch to FIOS.  My wireless experience with the MI424WR is unacceptable. I do not want to interfere with my FIOS TV or menus but the idea to disable the wireless on the actiontec and using my own router for wireless seems like a good one. 

Without endorsing a specific or frowned upon action, could a site be suggested that would step someone of moderate skill through these actions?

Many thanks! 

Re: Internet is SLOW

Snail, is it possible that this supposed Actiontech "bottleneck" would cause my wireless connection pings to occasionally spike up to ~3000(or timeout)?

I'm beginning to come to the same conclusion as my old Linksys WRT54G never gave me this problem.

Re: Internet is SLOW
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I was getting 20.1Mbits down, 4.5Mbits when I got the service.  Now it's 14Mbits down, 4Mbits up.


I was getting about the same results as bullfrog posted on page 2.

I am not streaming anything, uploading, or downloading.  I dont need any optimizers because I should be getting the ADVERTISED speeds without ANY help.  I scanned my PC again 2 days ago with AVG, Spybot, and Malwarebytes.  All clean.  To me it looks like Verizon-end problem, especially that when you have several people reporting the same/similar issues.

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