Internet is out

I have been a Fios customer for over 10 years for residential and about 15-20 yrs for wireless. My home internet went down on 7/4/14 due to weather related issues. I called Customer Service and it was determined that the problem was outside my home. I was given a repair date of 7/9/14 which Verizon confirmed by email (duh). I have been forced to use my smartphone for internet access and had to increase my Verizon Wireless data plan to cover the increased useage. I was told if more than 2 other people in my neighborhood called with the same problem I would be serviced quicker as it would be then labeled as an "outage". Unfortunately for me my neighbors have all switched from Verizon Fios already and I am stuck. I don't need to be hit over the head to understand where I stand with Verizon and I will be switching the next time Comcast rings my bell. It's a shame that customer loyality is a concept that is now longer relevant. I wish Verizon contined profits and I promise that I will no longer contribute to that cause.