Internet is the pits and the verizon website is worse.
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I don't care what verizon says to any of us I feel they truely want to get us to leave the land of copper and find another way to be happy again online. Thanks to cable companies making better offers this could be something very soon for Me.

To make insult to injury the verizon website speedtext does not even load, the customer service employees just say go to How odd the site has been broken for years and nobody fixes it. I have one more delightful comment to make before I go,.....I notice that ALL of the essays on here mentioning they have bad or no internet with a side of poor customer help tend to get the little padlock on them so folks like Me cannot jump on there and keep it going and going. Calling cable company in the morning if I still have a phone otherwise Ill use another phone or visit them in person and go with a better speed for the same price (and Ill ditch the rediculous phone and all the telemarketing that come with it.) The only reason I have stayed with verizon is because if the package oportunity on my exsisting phone number Ive had since longer than I remember.

Re: Internet is the pits and the verizon website is worse.
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So just a couple of notes.

On the Speed Test side of things, Verizon has updated their speed test to run within a modern browser which supports HTML5. This is at . If your browser is terribly outdated, or you have something blocking scripts, possibly ads (common in some older security suites), it's worth updating or disabling the problem so the test can work.

Just some picture proof that the test does work:


Now, those support threads which get the padlock on them, get the padlock because a Verizon agent opened up a support thread privately with the poster. The padlock helps to reduce confusion caused by the poster accidentally posting what could be sensitive information to a public forum. It would be nice to hear back if the problem was resolved, I agree.

If you plan to move to the Cable company for Internet service, most can port over your phone number into their phone service. That shouldn't be a problem. You can do the same if you decide to return to Verizon. Just note that if you port, do not call to cancel your service until after the port is 100% complete (and by this point service may have already been automatically cancelled by the port).

If you plan to stay with Verizon, please give us some information on what you're seeing exactly. If it's slow speeds, what modem are you running. Do you have noise on your phone line like static, buzzing, or humming. What speed package do you pay for. Does the DSL slow down at night, is it always slow, or is it slow at random. Stuff like that.