Internet keeps kicking on and off repeatedly

I have an ActionTec WCB6200Q and since March of this year my internet connection keeps kicking on and off repeatedly to the point that it is becoming quasi non-functional. It occurs on all my devices, PC's and iPhones even when there is only one using the internet.

Is this a router problem? If so, would a new router may solve this problem?  I have tried the Vz tech desk chat room but it is very user unfriendly to get to the bottom of this.  Any one have any ideas?    I am open to buy their latest WiFi 6 model but need to know that if I do it will fix the problem.    Thanks.

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We continue to have a similar issue with the G3100 router (Hw. revision 1103); it seems to have started while we were using an old Actiontec MI424WR (Gen. I), if I recall correctly. It's hard to say for sure though whether in your circumstance a new router would help.