Internet out in condo, Tier 1 support not enough

Once the Internet mess of 6/24/19 (yesterday) died down, our Internet never recovered. TV works, just not Internet. We live in a condo building of 40 units. I spent a few hours yesterday stepping through automated tools, repeatedly trying all the tips on the Verizon support site, and chatting with a Tier 1 support person, all to no avail. I don't need to reboot nor reset my router and I don't need to check the cables, as I did that many many times in the past 24 hours.

My router is fine. The issue lies somewhere between my router and Verizon. I suspect it could be a building-level issue. Is there an optical splitter or distribution hub or other device like that, typically, in an apartment building situation? Or, is it a local-level issue, perhaps?

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Normally there is an ONT in each unit where the fiber connects. But some buildings do have an ONT that serves each floor. I’m not sure what type you have but if you are not getting anywhere with tech support  call them and tell them to send out a tech. 

What is the internet mess of yesterday?


Yesterdays mess was Cloudflare and verizon screwups. Took down most of the eastern part of the service area.

i had to reboot my personal netgear router about two times *after* 9 am EDT to get service back up to normal use. The outtage was reported all over the net.