Internet speed cut in half
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 My internet speed was always around 20 Mbps and now it is around 10 Mbps and I can't seem to get any faster. Does anyone know why this may be happening? Thank you.

Re: Internet speed cut in half
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Are you using Ethernet or Wireless, first of all?

Re: Internet speed cut in half
  1. Do a test at
  2. make sure you are hardwired to the router
  3. make sure you have optimized the PC (if windows 7, pay special attention to the instructions for win 7 users) 
Re: Internet speed cut in half
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If you are wirelessly connected you can run a speed test while sitting right next to the router and the speed will be about 4/5 of what itr will be if you are plugged in to the router. If you walk 15 feet away and run another speed test you are going to see the speed drop even more ,..and if you go farhteraway it will drop even more. So basically the farther you get away from the router the slower the connection and the weaker the signal

Re: Internet speed cut in half
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Did you enable Parental Controls on the Verizon provided router?  Enabling parental controls cuts the download speed in half.

Re: Internet speed cut in half
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   I suggest to you, contact chat tech support and ask to "break the dhcp lease" on your circuit(this will refresh the IP

in your internet connection, also you will have a new IP) also ask to "re-boot your gray box" which is your main network

terminal) This will help to all entire service.

Good Luck!