Internet speed doesn't reflect what I pay for (1gb)


I upgraded my FIOS internet to 1gb.  However, it does not appear to have gotten any faster on my computer. If I run a speed test through Verizon it shows close to 1gb but if I use any other speed test it does not. Also I have not seen any changes in my gaming(which is reason I upgraded) or download/upload speeds. I do have the Quantum router from Verizon and my network adapter is set for 1gb speeds. Any thoughts?

Re: Internet speed doesn't reflect what I pay for (1gb)

You don’t say how you use the system. Mostly WiFi or wired?

the test to Verizon server is not fraught with blockage or downed hops or other obstructions like real world testing from Ookula (

however wifi is never coming close to more than half that listed up to speed 940/880

(1024/1024 is actually a gig) 

devices connecting to your router have other issues. Not top of the line processors or not using a fastest nic card in the unit. Firewalls set to high, antivirus software running or programs or background processes slowing everything down. It does happen.

personally this is my observation. I am not a gamer but for years upon years my wife and I had 15/1 broadband internet from cable. It was always great and stable. We are trying the gigabyte service from Verizon Fios and it’s still way faster but being we are old coggers how fast do we need to be. But I like the service even if I am paying 4x’s the amount for 5x the speed.