Internet still isnt verizon

A couple of months ago verizon fios was installed over an already existing time warner cable internet so i guess the technican just skipped over it but now i want to order the starz movie package and i dont have a user name or an account with fios is there any way to install the ISP with having to set up an appointment with customer service is there like some free download I can get by loging on to the website?

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So you have FiOS for telephone and video, but TWC for internet?

If there's a good coax leg between the ONT and your router (which was provided and installed during TV install - so this should be true), you can get a CO connect order to "turn on" the FiOS internet - no tech home visit required.

Then you would just have to connect your devices to the FiOS router instead of the router on your TWC connection.

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Re: Internet still isnt verizon
Ditto on what KevinB just said. If you have FIOS TV you alread have internet (IP) to your router for TV features. All you would need is to plug your stuff into the Verizon supplied router and have them turn it on for your internet. Now if you did not want to have FIOS Internet, you should be able to manage your FIOS account and features through the website by setting up a "My Verizon" user account. You would need a copy of a bill with your account number and other information. With the bundle prices I can not imagine why you would not just bunbled all services and save money.
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you might want to pm either myself or Charlesh and we can get it taken care of for you.