Is it any surprise Verizon customer service cannot be contacted via email?
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My Fios internet goes out literally 3 or 4 times a year. This fact alone is ridiculous, but it gets better... Every time I try to contact Fios customer service, they try to get me to fix the problem for them. My internet has been out for the past 3 days. We recently had a big winter storm in my area, so Verizon will most certainly use that as an excuse, but I called about the problem the day before the storm and it was NOT storm related. I waited on hold on 3 separate occasions for 31 minutes, 36 minutes, and 61 minutes, respectively, before I gave up each time. I even took a screenshot of my phone this morning to prove the duration of the 61 minute call. I also tried the "we'll call you back" option, but when they called me back, they put me on hold again! That was another 12 wasted minutes! Who has time to wait on hold for that long? With 2 kids, working 65 hours a week? It's utterly ridiculous. In any event, I finally fixed the problem myself, because that's why a pay a $260 bill every month, right?? And pay $160 for my other Fios account?

So this is my warning to the horrific customer service team at Verizon that I'm cancelling my service in Monday. Thankfully my contract recently expired. I've been a Fios customer for 109 months and account for over $35,000 in revenues for Verizon during that timeframe (with 2 separate Fios accounts, not to mention my wireless accounts). Apparently it's not enough! I'm contacting your competitors as we speak. My wireless company will soon change too.

Any company who doesn't prioritize their customers, expecially the high paying ones,  doesn't deserve to exist. I'm very curious to see if anyone from Verizon even responds to this. Very doubtful. 

Re: Is it any surprise Verizon customer service cannot be contacted via email?

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.