Issues Connecting High Speed DSL to Direct TV box

I've had verizon's bundle service for two months now and still have been unable to connect to the internet, or even set it up for that matter. After numerous phone calls to verizon tech center I've come here looking for any type of guidance so thanks in advance!

The set up is direct tv and the internet is verizon high speed DSL. The package that came for the internet set up was a "self-install" but the directions were for a verizon fios cable box now Direct TV. I was told they are interchangeable but when i connect my computer through the only avialble wire that was provided (the phone jack wire) to the cable box I have no internet connection.

I'm not sure if I'm missing equipment or if I'm just missing a step in the set up. Our television works fine through satalite and we do not currently have a phone jack running through the apartment so there is very minimal connections that should be made but I just cannot seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance for any help! It's truely appreciated!

Re: Issues Connecting High Speed DSL to Direct TV box
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To clarify:

The High Speed Internet installation should be to connect your DSL modem to the phone jack in your apartment. Any devices that need to plug into the phone line such as a phone or the phone port of a Satellite Receiver need to have a filter, or else your Internet breaks whenever that device uses the line. Even so, Satellite Receivers when behind a filter may also inject noise into the line, so sometimes it's best to keep them disconnected.

Once the DSL connection is up and running (which I assume it is when you're posting), it's now depending on what equipment you have from DirecTV and from Verizon. If you have a higher package with Verizon, unless thing shave changed, Verizon probably sent you a modem and router combination unit, one which includes Wireless and 4 Ethernet ports (one of which your computer might be using). In addition, the only DirecTV receivers that can use the Internet directly are the DirecTV HD DVR units that have RJ-45 ports on the back of them or that support the DirecTV Cinema setup kits (which also use RJ-45 Ethernet ports) the techs tend to install that functions like MoCa does on FiOS.

Verizon's combination router/modem units include the Westell 327w, the Westell 7500, and the new D-Link modems I don't know the model number of off of the top of my head. The plain old modems (the one with one Ethernet port) include the Westell 6100. The 6100s need a separate router to be used with them for Wireless, but if you attach a switch to the 6100, it can function as a basic wired router.

To sum things up, your install for anything connected to the phone line should be as follows:

[ Phone Jack ] ---- T  ----------- [ DSL MODEM ]


                                 | ------------- [ DSL FILTER ] -------------- [ PHONE ]

                                 | ------------- [ DSL FILTER ] -------------- [ DIRECTV RECEIVER PHONE PORT ]

Note that your DirecTV Receiver's phone port is the smaller phone-port like jack, not the large one. You do not want to plug a phone line into an Ethernet port (the larger one) or else you'll be expecting some fried equipment and lots of trouble.

Now, for the setup between the DSL modem and the devices, assuming you have what would be a Westell 6100, you need something such a this:

[ DSL MODEM ] ---------------- [ SWITCH ] ------------------ [ COMPUTER }


                                                            | ------------------------- [ DIRECTV RECEIVER / CINEMA DEVICE ]

                                     [ OTHER ETHERNET DEVICES]

Now if you have something such as a Westell 7500, a Westell 327w or the new D-Link router, your setup is the same however there's something slightly different:

[ GATEWAY ] ---------------------- [ COMPUTER ]


         | ------------------------------- [ DIRECTV RECEIVER / CINEMA DEVICE ]



The connection between the satellite receiver and the DSL modem/router is plug and play. You don't  need to configure anything as the receiver should be set up already. There are some cases where you need to set up the receiver for Internet access, however.