Issues with IPSEC VPN/SSL Connections

Has anyone else been experiencing this today?  We have a Cisco anyconnect client that fails to connect over the Verizon network.  This is not FIOS specific, I have users on Verizon wireless as well as FIOS having the exact same problem, when attempting to connect the connection fails.  The connection is sucessful on every other ISP we have tested (TMobile, Cox, Comcast, Sprint, Cogent....etc) just Verizon is having the problem.  It also seems isolated to the East Coast as mainly the connections are coming from areas of the East coast, people with MiFi devices in Illinois and Texas are not having the same problem.  Pulling  a packet trace yeilded no results and no IP blocks are in place on any of the IP ranges assigned to these nodes.  Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this today?

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