It's over for me, Verizon. I've spent seven (7) hours over several days. I'm switching.

Support at Verizon is the pits.  I updated my service and got a new router and a cheaper rate. But my billing remained at the old rate, even though the agent promised to change it. So, I got overcharged for two months.

The new CR1000a router gave me constant ethernet interruptions.  Telephone support promised it was fixed several times. I spent over seven hours on phone support, then they finally replaced the router.  Still had the same problems: I'd notice that my ethernet service was interrupted - usually with a popup that there was no internet service. I'd go to the router, and all the ethernet lights would be off.  I could unplug the WAN port and plug it back in, and the lights (and service) would return. Not one of the several techs I talked to had heard of the problem, and could not fix it.

Today I switched to a slower, but hopefully more reliable provider. Of course, today is Labor Day, and Verizon's offices are closed, so I can't cancel my service until tomorrow.

I'm going to make my views on Verizon Fios customer service well known.

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What do you mean by constant Ethernet interruptions?

The lights behind the router are configured to turn off after 15 minutes by default. This behavior is changeable. If you have interruptions in network connectivity, you need to check whether you have received IPv6 in recent days and whether you have problematic Intel network cards. If so, there are special settings need to be changed.

Also, Forums is generally not a place for airing grievances at the end. You should try the Forums first before resorting to contact the official tech support. We are (kind of) providing unofficial "Tier 4" support here.

If you have spent 7 hours with customer support, why not try spending 30 minutes here? We may be able to offer the help.


If the problem started with the CR1000A, you can always go back to your old router or purchase your own, especially if you don't use Fios TV. There's nothing special about Fios and needing to use the Verizon router, unless you want Verizon's help with the home network.

Loss of Ethernet carrier could be a cabling or NIC issue on either side. Check the cabling between the ONT and router. If the cabling is fine (or better yet, if you can certify it with a certifier), then the answer is simple. Change the ONT, or change the router, as one of the two is to blame.