Just upgraded to Fios 1 and getting worse speeds and think Google mesh extenders aren't doing anything.

I spoke to a Verizon tech the other day who said my Google mesh would work seamlessly with fios one though I recall having to jump through a bunch of hoops with my action tec, so I signed up for fios one.
So the Verizon tech came today, replaced my ONT and actiontec with Fios One and I was upgraded to 1 gig from 50 mb.  He said it didn't matter if I had both ssids broadcasting (I thought I put my actiontec in bridge mode or something). Anyway the speeds on the Verizon router and the main Google router were both about 450 (I have coax). I thought all was good so I let the guy go.

When I went to my room, which is on same floor (though I have plaster walls) my speed dropped down to 50. Even when I went to a room with a Google mesh access point my speed was at 50. It's like the pucks are doing nothing. If I recall, the actiontec had a Wan port that my mesh was plugged into but the fios only has a Lan. I don't know much about  networking but something is clearly wrong. I tried rebooting. Can anyone please help? Thanks.

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