Lag spikes encountered while playing Worlf of Warcraft (WoW) Specifically

Hello all,

We recently switched from Comcast to Verzion FIOS. We have the Gigabit package (~900D/~800U). We are hard wired from the OMT box to the router and hard wired from the router to both PCs.

While playing WoW, we'll often experience rather significant lag spikes of 5-10sec; sometimes they're a little less in the 1-3sec range. However small or large the lag spikes may seem, it really puts a dampen on the gaming experience. There are no issues encountered when streaming anything such as, Netflix, Hulu, Prime to name a few while not playing WoW. I saw a few articles on the internet indicating that Blizzard at some point in the past may have switched to a different type of network packet that gets transmitted over the network. I'm not sure how much truth there is to this and/or if this may be creating issues for our router.

We do however have issues with, Netflix, Hulu and Prime while streaming in the background and playing WoW at the same time. The lag spikes experienced while playing WoW seem to manifest themselves on our network.

Has anyone experienced anything like this or is anyone able to help?

Thanks in advance.

- A frustrated customer

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Currently dealing with the exact same issue. We experience lag with Wow and Discord.  I have had multiple support calls and have had techs out on numerous occassions without any success. I am trying to get Tier 2 support to look at it the issue but haven't had much luck.  This past monday I had 4 techs at my house(as a result of a complaint I made to corporate relations) and they cant troubleshoot beyond the ONT. They did take some packet captures and promsied to turn them over to Tier 2 and promised a return call. Still waiting.

My biggest complaint is VZ trying to put the issue back on us and our equipment. We have a setup similar to yours. The PC is not the issue here. We took my son's entire rig over to a friends home, they have Comcast 100/100 and we had no lag issues. We also tried a 4g MiFi device without any lags. The issue is with Verizon's routing. I agree the gaming expeirence is less than enjoyable.

The gaming experience has been less than enjoyable 

Been a VZ customer for many many years.  Would hate to have to switch.