Landline and DSL issues remain - years of this. Going to file FRAUD charges. I'm done.

We've been Verizon customers - DSL internet and landline - for 20+ years. In the beginning, the service was fine. As the years have gone on - and many calls, many DSL modem replacements later - I've just had enough. I'm so tired of paying for services that we just can't use. The phones are so noisy, you can't hear anything. One time you pick it up to place a call and it's fine, the next time, noise on the line. Same with the DSL connection. One minute, it's fine. The next it's WORSE than dial-up! In fact, dial-up service would probably be more reliable than the DSL connection we have. I've called for repair more than 20 times in the past year for one or the other. Over the 20 years, I couldn't count how many times I've sat on hold for hours or talking to their customer service reps - most who don't speak English - and performed the ridiculous "plus this in, unplus this, turn this on, turn this off" crap tasks and jumped through their hoops just to get a repair ticket issued. Then, when you finally get the repair ticket, nobody shows up. You sit all day long waiting for them to pull up. Of course the "time frame" they give you is a joke! I honestly feel like it is just something they say so they can schedule the ticket and get you off the phone. In all the years I've been here, only one time has a Verizon truck pulled up and someone got out and came to the door - the day the service was installed.  Nobody comes to check the equipment on the side of the house or check and maintain the line stretched from the pole to the roof. NOT ONCE! Then after I've sat her all day, at the end of the day, I get a stupid message by text - "your service related issue is repaired". Repaired? No it's not! We still have spotty internet! We still have noise on the line that prevents us from using the landline service! HOW IS THAT FIXED???? I mean honestly! Then I ask for credit for non-delivery of services.  I'm told that I have to wait until the repair is finished and call billing for an adjustment. Then they give me a $3 credit. HAHAHAHA!!!!  Maybe I should send THEM a bill for the time I spend on hold or waiting for a repairman that never shows up.  I got another one of those stupid text messages today - our repair is fixed.  Same you know what, different day. I'd LOVE to call them and tell them to rip it OUT OF MY HOUSE! If I had an alternative in this sad little town I live in - I WOULD! They are the only game in town - and they know it! They couldn't care less about quality or customer service. I figure I'll post this here - maybe someone will read it. More than likely Verizon will moderate it and delete or hide the post.  They don't like bad press. I've filed a complaint the the BBB. Tomorrow, I'm calling the State FCC to find out how to file a complaint for fraud - they are billing me for services I'm not able to use - in my book that's fraud. Let's see if things get fixed.

Re: Landline and DSL issues remain - years of this. Going to file FRAUD charges. I'm done.

There is no state FCC (FCC is Federal Communications Commission)

you want to contact your states Public Utilities Commission or Public Service Commission via a google search. Verizon has been trying to discontinue copper service of which you are on. Copper for DSL and copper for phone service.

if in NY the public service commission is not allowing Verizon not to fix copper line issues. Your state may have the same regulations.

Re: Landline and DSL issues remain - years of this. Going to file FRAUD charges. I'm done.
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Hi SoVeryTiredofVz,

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