Large files corrupt on download MI424WR-GEN2

Something is wonky with my FIOS connection and I'm trying to isolate what the cause could be.

I'm running a MI424WR-GEN2, firmware 20.21.6.  It's acting as a DHCP server for a Archer C1200 that is wired in.  I don't think this is relevant to the problem but I figured I'd at least note it.

Basically, any time I download a file greater than around 1GB, it seems to be corrupt.  This has persisted across 3 computers running 3 different OSes (Linux Mint, CentOS, Win10).  I've checked Mint and Win10 plugged into the router directly, over wireless via the C1200, and via wireless into the MI424 with the C1200 turned off and disconnected.  I checked CentOS just via wireless to the C1200.  Have tried three different files.  Oddly enough, the CRC64 checksums of each file changed each time. 

I confirmed that the files are otherwise good via downloading the files to my Win10 machine from my library, place of work, and customer site, respectively, and in each case the file came over not corrupted and with a matching, correct, CRC64.  It's not just via one service, either: the files were corrupt via http and ftp downloads.  Haven't seen what a torrent or something like that would do.

My conclusion is that either my coax MoCa bridge is somehow dying in a weird way, my MI424 is somehow dying in a weird way, something upstream at Verizon is doing some packet shenanigans incorrectly.

I have also powered both my MI424 and MoCa on and off, just for giggles.

Is there any other way I can continue to troubleshoot this other than throwing hardware at the problem and asking for a new router and bridge?

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