Lies and a runaround (no accountability)

I'm SOOOO ANGRY.  Verizon fios gave me the bait and switch---and have no accountability for what they've done. I've also seen multiple other posts here complaining of the same thing. 

I left Optimum b/c the price was getting too high. You guys gave me a deal that was acceptable to me and I made sure that the price was good for the full 24 months b/c I wouldn't have entered a contract if it wasn't.  I reiterated this fact with the representative multiple times before I agreed to the contract.  2 months in and my bill goes up by $50.  The day the increased bill came, I immediately called and was informed that I was in the Test Drive program. I had no idea what that was b/c nobody ever explained that to me.  I learned that it meant my bill was going up after only a couple of months. I said that was unacceptable as this was NOT what was agreed upon.  I'm now paying considerably more than I was at Optimum.  If that was made clear to me I never would have signed up.

I asked to escalate it and was told by a supervisor it would take about a month for them to review the calls and to see if they were at fault (which they were). He then told me that if I wasn't happy with the results of the escalation I could go to an ala carte option without the contract.  So...I call back a month later (today) only to be informed that it was never escalated and furthermore, they can't go back to the recordings more than 30 days--so he outright lied to me b/c at that point it was 90 days after the call happened. In addition, the person I talked to today informed me that the supervisor who told me his name was "Jason" was not in fact Jason...but some dude named Leo.  So here I am...a few months into my contract---paying $50 more a month (over $1000 over the term of the contract) and not being given a non-contract option as promised.  Instead they gave me 2 months of $45 credit. I'm sooooo angry. Not only have I spent over 4 hours with Verizon on the phone, but I'm also getting the runaround and being forced to either pay a cancellation charge or pay ~$1000 more over the course of the contract.  Verizon obviously screwed up multiple times and even admitted so and apologized---but it's not good enough.  There's still no accountability.  If this isn't addressed, I'm going to make it my personal mission to get the word out on the shady tactics that Verizon is using.   Did I mention I am SOOOO Angry?

Re: Lies and a runaround (no accountability)
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Hi Bababenny,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Messenger Inbox for a message from a Verizon Support agent. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page and then clicking the envelope icon that appears at the top of the menu. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.