Limited connectivity, but only for some computers
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At first yesterday, none of the computers or the iPad could connect to the wifi.  I unplugged and reset the router.  The router is on the second floor of the house.  The laptops were able to connect after that with no problem, but the two desktops on the floor below had trouble.  One could get "local area" access only and kept getting a message that it was "identifying" the network and never got an internet connectin.  The other desktop would get the same messages but would intermittently get an internet connection.  When I used the iPad or the iPhone on the wifi connection in the same areas as the two desktops I got a full signal with no problem.   Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

Re: Limited connectivity, but only for some computers

sounds like an issue with the wireless, try changing the wireless signal.  you can do that in the router.   open a browser, and go to,  user name is admin.  and the password is most likely the serial number found on the service tag of your VZ router unless you changed it.

Once you login succesfully, go to the top and hit wireless, then on the left basic security.   then go to option 3 which is channel

1, 6 and 11 and are the only channels you should try.

So it will likely be set to auto, change it to 11 and put the check for keep settings even after reboot (Directly under the channel) and then hit apply.,

after you hit apply,  test your connection out, if you notice a difference, leave it like that until the problem happens again, and if it happens again, go back into the router, and try channel 6,     test it out.  and then finally 1 if the first two don't work.

Also take a look at page 2 of Actiontec's Wireless PDF File.  It gives you some idea's with regards to position and orientation of where the router sits and how it can best be positioned for maximum coverage.