Limited or no connectivity mysteriously corrected after demanding top level support

Internet suddenly stopped working a few days ago.  Was getting limited or no connectivityy message even though all model lights were green.  At starbucks read about how tis was almost always an issue on verizon end.  went out and bought new modem/router and could not get IP address on that either (dynamic assigned).  Called verizon.  Foreign person went through usual script then said they would not help me due ot having my own model (better than their crappy ones), which was working fine anyway.  Said I didnt want their help, just wanted the numbers I needed, IP address, default gateway.  she game me those and then when I asked for the DNS server numbers she said that was only premium support.  I took premium support to be mean I was going to have to pay to get my own information !!!!  So I got angry and told her I was not mad at her but was certainly not going to pay for information on my account which I already pay for and demanded she escalate me to next level of support.  She started to say that they couldnt give me the DNS servers either but I demanded again. She then said  hold on and suddenly my internet started working again.

This confirms to me that it is all just a bunch of crap on their end and they are purposefully shutting down accounts to then scam people into paying for this "premium support".  They obviously fixed it by doing something simple on their end once I got angry.

if anyone has any other information I am open to hearing it. 


Re: Limited or no connectivity mysteriously corrected after demanding top level support
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A Limited or No Connectivity error in Windows usually means that your pc is unable to get an IP address from the router. It's possible that there could be an issue with the router (which you eliminated by trying another one), but there's no way for them to block the communication between your router and the pc remotely.

So, no. They weren't causing the issue in hopes that you'd pay for premium support. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Glad you were able to get your issue resolved, though!