Long time customer can't upgrade services and get advertised deals? What kind of business is that?

I have Fios 100/100 for $69.99 (no TV, no phone) and my contract ends in April 2019.

It's February 2019 with 2 months left on the contract and I call Verizon customer service to talk about upgrading.

First thing they say, "I am happy to help you today." And before even know why I am calling she says "let's review your plan to see if you are getting the best value."

Exactly why I called!

Becuase I'm a looking at XFinity current deals 

$49.99 for 100 Mpbs (+10 channels)

And Verizon is offering: 

$39.99 for 100 Mpbs (no TV)

$59.99 for 300/300 mpbs (no TV)

$79.99 for ~1G  (no TV)

I know that I have 2 months left on my contract, but what is $20, can I go ahead and change my plan to the 300/300 $59.99 deal you are currently offering, and she says "No, that's only for new customers", [There is no mention of only for new customers on their website - that I could find] but she can give it to me for $84. 

Says I need to rent a verizon router. 

No I don't have to rent a router. I have my own router that is capable of 1G.

I asked, wouldn't it make better business sense to keep a long time customer by giving them the same deals you're giving to new customers? 

Her reply - was "sorry, that's our policy."

"May I speak withy a manager?" 

"Sure, hold one second"

long short of it... manager says that's their policy can't do anything about it. 

Ok in April, I'm quiting verizon and going to Xfiinity and getting their "new customer" deal for two years, and when they up their prices for existing customers and lower it for new... I'll move to another provider. 

Why the **bleep** Verizon?

The ironic thing about this, just 30 minutes before this call and what prompted me to call, Verizon sent me a internet survey and one question was "How hard is it to do business with verizon" 

Really? Makes business sense to me to give your existing customers the same plan that you give new customers - especially when they ask. If they don't ask... ok, let it stand and make a little more money. 

Obviously, Verizon doesn't want my business, so why the Freakadelic are they asking me that question for? LOL

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I have said this many times. Verizon needs an across the board set pricing for all customers instead of the games that are played. They do it with wireless services and yes cable will have lower pricing for the same two years you enjoyed with Fios.

they also have a three year deal. At least that is what they keep sending to our home.

internet only should be set low as per speed tier and stay that way. But until Verizon loses more customers as they have with TV and phone you will have to play the pricing game.