Looking forward to have Fios in my apartment

Hi there,

I have been using TWC for years and still stuck with 3Mbps speed and overpriced plan.

I am hoping to have Fios available in my area as soon as possible.

I live in Woodside, NY

So, can you tell me how long approximately before you start wiring my building?

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Re: Looking forward to have Fios in my apartment
Community Leader
Community Leader

Nope, can't tell you.  We're all just a bunch of FiOS users here.  Nobody here has access to Verizon's plans.

You can try calling Verizon and asking, however I've never heard of anyone getting an helpful information about FiOS infrastructure install dates from them.  In most cases, you know it's there and ready when Verizon starts trying to sell FiOS to you, and not before.

Note that the building owner needs to be involved as they have to grant permission to Verizon to install FiOS.  You might want to ask them if they've talked to Verizon yet.  If not, then, no FiOS for a while.

Good Luck.