Looking into going down from 1 gb to 300 mbps
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I got Fios gigabit connection but the average speed fluctuates between 300 and 500 mbps. Sometimes, I get over 700 mpbs but that is sometimes...

I tried my own router, tried diff desktops, laptops and even got PCI lan card and

USB adapter. It is the same scenario. Already spent too many hours on too  many days

in the last few weeks on this troubleshooting. 

I got the fios gigabit because the offer was good - no price rise for 3 yrs. Now, I see in my first bill that the fios router will not be free after one year. 

Anyways, I don't like the G1100 router. 

I am planning to go down to 300 mpbs and use my own router. 

When I initiated a chat, was told that the price rise will be on hold for two years.

Has anybody done that? I think constant 1 gig (even 900 mbps) is a myth and 

not practical. Don't have need for that much speed. 

Pls share your experience. 

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If dropping to 300 mbps with your own router saves you money then yes downgrade. The gigabit connection for a residence is 100% not needed. 

For most people the most demanding thing they do is stream video. Which for a 4k stream it’s only 25 mpbs. So if you have 300 mbps and have 4 4k streams going you still have 200 mbps left. 

As far as equipment a gig network card is not the only factor. Your computer processor, RAM, virus protection, and programs running in the background all contribute.