Lousy Verizon CustomerService
I have been losing Internet connection for a month. It took 3 calls to finally solve this problem the first call was pleasant, I was not upset yet by their lousy treatment. I troubleshooter with the lady. She talked me into adding starz and encore . Which I do not regret unfortunately we lost connection and I was never directed to IT support to solve my router problem. I called back and the second represantative was useless. could not find ticket that was opened by previous rep. Maybe sh did not save the ticket... which I am okay with because she was so pleasant. However this second rep was short with me and appeared to do as little as possible to help me.
he gave me IT support number which I called and waited on hold for 15 minutes. I becam upset and hung up. Finally on my third call the guy listened to me and spared me another trouble shooting session and is mailing a new router to me.
Sadly, because of my previous lousy experience I rated him a 5/10. If Verizon wants to receive high ratings on their surveys, they need to do a better job in the customer service department.
thank you,