MI424WR Rev I drops routing to devices over time

I am encountering a problem with two of the devices on my LAN connected via cable to my router.  The MACs for these devices are entered into my table of addresses and they receive their assigned IP addresses, but over time they become inacessible.  At that point connections to them fail and attempts to ping result in:

From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable

The only way I have found thus far to correct this is to unplug the device for a few seconds and reconnect it.  At that point it becomes accessible again.  I have also tried changing the settings on the device to disable DHCP and set a static address, but that does not prevent the loss of routing to the device.

Am I missing a setting somewhere in my router?  Even an hourly ping to the devices does not seem to prevent losing the route at some point.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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Community Leader
Community Leader

Could either be router or device but since 2 devices are doing it I'd lean more towards router. Have you considered replacing the rev i?