MI424WR syslog not sending expected activity.
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Hi All, 

I need to have logs sent from my router to my syslog server.  It appears that my router (MI424WR, firmware 20.19.8) is not sending any of the expected system logs.  It will send out info at boot up and configuration changes:

4/10/12 10:46:31.000 AM 8_Router CONF: [71] Configuration change (WBM user Unknown ( has changed security settings)

However it won't send out the expected network info (ie DHCP releases and renews) that appear in the web GUI.  ex:

Apr 10 10:52:02 2012System LogLAN DHCPDHCP LAN Connection IP:, DNS:, GTW:,Subnet: (Ethernet)

I have tried changing the log levels to no avail.  The only detailed traffic I can get sent is from the firewall / security logs.  

Does anyone have any ideas?  I'm comfortable doing this via telnet if need be, I just need some pointers.



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Re: MI424WR syslog not sending expected activity.

For whatever reason, this router/firewall only sends data pertaining to the firewall via syslog.  All the other caputred system information that it's logging (dhcp, security logins etc.) are not being sent via the syslog. I'm sure it has something to do with the underlying configuration of the router which can be seen if you telnet into the router.  It's running a version of busybox linux.  I have not made any changes to the system, but I'm sure you can attempt to see why it's not sending all the logged data via syslog. 

I hope that helps, I too will be looking into this issue since I'm trying to get more data out of this little router/firewall.