MI424WR wireless green light won't turn on

We just got FiOS installed this morning.  After the tech left, everything was fine.  Suddenly, the wireless network went down.  We saw the SSID, but I was unable to use the default password to login.  Went to the router and turned it off... pulled the AC and coax out... plugged everything back in and switched it on.  Then the wireless green light won't light.  

I've hardwired myself to the router and entered the admin interface.  I can't enable radio from there, no matter how hard I try.

I was on the phone with Verizon customer service and they tried remote resets, had me manual reset, and even a reset on the ONT.  Nothing works and they say they'll send me a new router in 2 business days.

Is there anything else I can try?  This is frustrating.  

Re: MI424WR wireless green light won't turn on
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Community Leader

So its dead.  If a reset by pushing the reset (push with pen point, etc) doesn't fix it then it really is dead.  in that case contact verixon.  These forums only get you to peers.  Look for the contact us  option on all the verizon pages, or call 1-800-verizon.