MOCA & Router & extender Question

Hello - I am new to MOCA but pretty experienced network engineer.  I am trying to get a MOCA wireless extender (Arris AM525) to work with my FIOS Arris NVG468MQ router.

When installed - they came out of the ONT and went into a MOCA adapter downstairs.  Used my existing cable to connect upstairs to another MOCA adapter in my office.

Question No. 1 - they attached the ethernet from the Moca to the WAN port on the router.  They also connected the cable to the MOCA port on the back of the router.  I would have thought you only needed one, or the other.  Isn't the Cable Port on the Arris router doing a MOCA conversation internally ?  Why would I need an additional MOCA adapter upstairs converting back into ethernet and plugged into the WAN port?

Question No. 2 - they used a cable splitter on the main cable line and ran a cable direct to the MOCA input on the extender so there were no MOCA adapters.  This makes sense to me because the unit should be doing the MOCA conversation internally, but what doesn't make sense is that if it is on the mainline before the router - how does it understand anything about the IP routing, packet traffic, etc....    Is the MOCA traffic bidirectional?

Needless to say - no extender everything works wonderful.  Add extender and circuit crawls like a dial-up connection.

Thanks for any thoughts and insight.


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Are you using Frontier Fios? These devices sound pretty unfamiliar to me.

If so, I recommend you to find their support forums. This forum is dedicated to Verizon Fios.