Mandatory fee

I just moved to Boston and my new apartment has an ONT device. I know it is a super-easy work to install a router to the ONT in my apartment. So I called the area supporter here and I asked for a self-installation to avoid expensive installation fees.  The supporter said YES I can self-installation but when he completed the order for me, he need to schedule for the technician serves.  The other fraud is that I told him I have my own router, but he still choose to rent router for $15/mon, and he told me both of the rent and the technician is only temporary options, these fees will be waived when the bill is actually calculated, Then I installed the router and called another number to active my internet, it worked. But when I use my internet for one hour, the scheduled technician called me and I said I am all set and do not need any service and router. Until my first bill have been completed, I realized that both the rent fee and installation fee are not waived and the supporter said it can not be canceled and because the order have rent router fee originally, so it will usually take 1 to 2 bill cycles to waive that. But the truth is, I do not have any Fios router and No any technician come to my home, and I have to pay $99 for the self-installation and $15 for the on-existent rent fee. This is completely fraudulent because I was told in advance that these fees will not appear in my final bill, but now they appear, and the supporter told me that these fees cannot be waived. I have all the text records. If the fee can not be returned, I will try to do arbitrition.

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