Max speed at my building is 50/50 but Verizon can't sell it to us

We just moved into a building in Queens, NYC that has an older BPON system throughout the building. Since we've moved in earlier this week, we've had three tech visits and spent several hours on the phone with customer service to resolve this issue.

I placed an order for 75/75 and the tech came to install. The tech said that the fastest speed for the building given the system is 50/50. The issue that can't seem to be resolved is Verizon can't/won't sell us any speed other than 3/1, which we set up just to have something, 50/50 is not ideal, but we'll gladly take it. 

The reps say they're not able to select anything faster than 3/1 and the only other available speeds are 75, 200, etc. which the building can't handle. Each time I call, the rep tries to sell the gig package or another speed, but I explain it won't work here and they offer to send a tech. We've had three wonderful techs visit us already, they all say the same thing, Max speed is 50, but you can only buy 3/1.

The conversation with the rep turns to switch to GPON and get the gig package, etc. While this sounds nice eventually and would need to be facilitated by our landlord, but it doesn't help us for the next two months while working remotely.

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Re: Max speed at my building is 50/50 but Verizon can't sell it to us
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Hi Jason_B,

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