MoCa only getting 100 meg

I have a G1100 which I know is old but I’m only using it for MoCa. The only issue it that on the other end, I’m only getting 100 Mb instead of about 500 Mb.

My setup is as follows:

ONT > CAT6 > WAN port on Orbi RBR50

ONT > Coax > Verizon 2-way MoCa splitter > FIOS G1100 Coax connection

Ethernet from a LAN port on Orbi to LAN port on FIOS G1100

The other Moca adapter is a Motorla 2.0 bonded MM1000 model

When I test using my laptop on the Motorola end, I only get about 100 megs when I thought I should be getting around 500 as I think the G1100 is unbonded. Any reason why?

I also tried replacing the FIOS G1100 with a Hitron MoCa 2.5 adapter but still tested at 100 meg on the Motrola MoCa adapter side.

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Could a few pictures of the ONT (including the LEDs be posted?

Are all of the pieces of hardware designed to support 1 Gb? 🤔

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#1 As long as you do not have FIOS TV, you do not need to use their NAT router - except for support.

#2 If you have FIOS TV as long as you do not have FIOS One TV (or what it is called), you can use your NAT router as the primary NAT router and use their NAT router only for FIOS TV.

#3 I am not sure about Moca 2.5 but:

a) normal Moca (non 2.5 type) supports only 100 Mb.

b) For Moca 2.5, I am guessing that more that likely it depends on the Quality of the cable. If I spelled the wrong word, sorry - may of meant quantity.

[EDIT] User has another thread at REF