Modem Woes. Much Help Obliged
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A month ago, I have been experiencing very high latencies (200-300 ping) over the prime time usage (somewhere around 4 PM-12 AM PST).  I assumed that the router was to blame, and replaced it, but it did not alleviate the problem.  So, A week later, I called Verizon for a replacement modem (the one I had was starting to break down completely anyways, 4+ years) and upon connecting it normally like my old modem, connecting it to power, and letting it sit overnight on, it still has not been able to receive any kind of internet connection.

The New Modem: Verizon 6100G

     + Black and Red Firmware.

     + The Internet Light is Red.

     + Both the DSL and Data are Green/Flashing Green.

Old Modem: Verizon Wirespeed

Logging into the new modem, I come across the words PPPoE, which when I use my old modem, it is DHCP instead.

Verizon (I'm assuming) is providing Dynamic IP, which is not able to connect to my new modem.

Which brings me to these questions:

How do I change my new modem's configuration such that it is running in DHCP or whatever mode Verizon is giving me?

If I am unable to change the configurations, do I call up Verizon again for a new modem that runs their specs?

Or do I call them and have them switch my Internet from DHCP to PPPoE?

Is there any significant difference between either one? ( I heard DHCP has higher latency)

Re: Modem Woes. Much Help Obliged
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The 6100G needs to know a username/password pair in order to connect to the internet.  This is NOT the username/password pair you use to log into the 6100G to control it, although in many setups the two pairs are the same.

You can run the same SW you used to set up DSL with your original modem.  There is an option for "I have an existing account, but a new modem".  This option will eventually ask you for your verizon login username/password.  Once it know that, it will get you on.

If you can't run the original installation SW, you can still set up the username/password manually by logging into the modem.

I don't have a 6100G, so I can't tell you how to navigate your way to the dialog where you enter the Verizon username/password into your modem.

PS: If you only have one ethernet device connected, and all the others are wireless, you can use the 6100G as both a modem and a router.  It has the functionality.

Re: Modem Woes. Much Help Obliged
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Configure your Westell 6100G for PPPoE. You can do this from inside of the Westell's Administration page (Look towards the Network Connections/VC Settings section of the modem under "My Network". Verizon uses a VPI/VCI Setting of 0/35, with a QoS of UBR). You'll need the Username and Password for your master Verizon account however to connect the PPPoE connection. Additionally, running the Installation CD should also get you back online.

Might I also ask, what was the age of the old Wirespeed modem? If it's from the early 2000s, it might be possible it could be an older Frame Relay modem which means Verizon would need to do some work on their end to fix you up. These modems are far and few these days, but they are still around.
Also, your slow-down issue was more than likely congestion on Verizon's end. It's been a rather common thing to occur on the DSL network so it seems.