I am having fio TV and internet installed in 2 weeks.  I currently have Comcast. I would like to have my own router and have the tech install it when he comes. Verizon gateway is 200.00. Is there one that someone could reccomend that would work as well or better for less ? 

Re: Modem/router

The router is rentable. So $12 a month for life really adds up.

you could buy a router of your own like a Netgear and or Asus or TP Link Archer but they run from $75 up to $500 and with tv you would still need a MOCA adapter to view the guide. Verizon will not install any other routers so you would need to do that yourself.

you could go internet only which has no taxes or fees added on. Then get a streaming tv service via googling for them. This way you save on the taxes and fees and surcharges on tv, hundreds of dollars savings. The streaming tv comes over your internet connection, and can view on tvs, computers, laptops and cell phones etc.

also with your own router you save $144 a year in router rental fees.