Motorola Bonded MoCA 2.0 with Gigabit plan and STBs

Hi All, 

I was looking to move my router inside my house and purchased two moca adapters to complete the task however I'm having issues. 

My equipment:

2 Motorola moca adapters

Verizon G1100 router

2 moca 2.0 splitters

1 STB 

I have my network setup as:

Garage: ONT coaxial - in line- splitter - out line - moca adapter - other out line to house. ONT ethernet - network in on moca adapter

In the house:

Line from garage - in line splitter - out to moca adapter network connection and STB. Used device line and ethernet on moca adapter to G1100

My internet and wifi works fine for about an hour that then I lose the connection. If I restart the router works again but only for a while. I'm assuming there is some sort of interface that is causing the g1100 and moca adapters to not work together.

Anyone have any ideas of how to fix? 

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