Multiple Actiontec 6200 MoCA Extenders

Hi folks,

Two questions today.  We have two Actiontec WCB6200Q coax (MoCA) network extenders on a 6100 Fios quantum gateway router, and a 400 MBPS/mo plan.

Because of the construction of the house, the quantum gateway router is stuck in a basement utility room, where few things connect directly to it.  Because of the size of the house, we have these two Actiontec MoCA extenders, plus some additional WiFi extenders.  We are having some issues, which leads me to three questions:

1.  Verizon seems to limit their MoCA traffic at 100 Mbps.  Is it correct to assume that limit applies to the 6100 router, and thus the total sum of all MoCA traffic on the network cannot exceed 100 Mbps?  If so, because we are using these two MoCA extenders for 90%+ of our network traffic, it would seem we are wasting money on the 400 Mbps plan.

2.  We seem to have frequent WiFi connection issues on any Windows computer trying to use WiFi in this house.  iPads and iPhones seem to do better.  This should not be an issue, we have good network strength everywhere, but the computer seems to connect to WiFi and then report no internet.  Trying to ping the gateway returns 100% lost packets.  Is it possible that Windows cannot handle multiple nodes broadcasting the same network name?  This would be a horrendously stupid problem for Microsoft, but I cannot find another explanation for the trouble, and it does seem like unplugging one of the extenders usually resolves the issue.

3.  I have additional WiFi extenders (eg. Netgear EX2700), and I can connect them to an Actiontec extender, but then they report no internet connection.  They seem to only work properly when connected directly to the 6100 router, which is unfortunately in a location where the repeaters cannot maintain a reliable connection.  Is this forcing me toward a mesh solution?

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