My FIOS internet speed is pathetic
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I pay for 20/5 internet service and the current speed as indicated by is 1.38Mbps download and 3.33 upload. This is ridiculous!

Of course the Verizon website just runs you in circles trying to get a complaint to customer service so I guess this is the best I can do. So let me shout to cyberspace that this IS UNACCEPTABLE!


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As with everything Verizon I wasnt able to post a picture of the test result, but believe me it's pathetic. And no my machine is not bugged up and I have nearly zero traffic, the speed I posted above is the service I get with all things optimal.

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Are you using the site?   Please Choose your State run the test, then Optimize your PC and Reboot.

Remember speed test will not be valid if you are working behind a VPN. If you still are not close to your 20M speed report this problem to Technical Support.

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Definitely call FIOS CS, they are very supportive when you get these speeds - been through it myself - if you have not already, try switching the channel to 11 on the router, then reboot the router.  If that doesnt work, they will probably send you a new router.  You are correct, those speeds are not acceptable.

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It felt good (sort of) to find these posts about pathetic speed.  My FIOS speed is pathetic, too, and I find CS very disinterested/unsympathetic.  Just a little while ago I was told it must be my computer causing the problem.  I know it is not.  Must go to an appointment but will try your suggestion later today. 

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Are you running this test while wired or wireless? You should definitely run a speedtest hardwired to the router. This will tell youwhether the issue is with the connection from Verizon or your wireless network. There are troubleshooting step you can try either way, but we won't know what to try until we isolate the issue.

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Thanks for the replies. I am hard wired into the router. gave very dissapointing test results while the link provided above to a Verizon test indicated my speeds were within the limits of what I pay for. I dont understand the difference, but oh well it seems to be working better.