My G1100 Router Won't Do Anything

Help me please,

   My G1100 router won't do anything, red globe, no green lights on back, I have an ActionTec Router from Verizon that I previously purchased, how can I get the old one to work so I can be sure the router is the problem? Thanks for any help you can give.

Re: My G1100 Router Won't Do Anything

Two things.

you can simply unplug the Quantum router and plug in the older router.

i have read lately you no longer have to release the dhcp lease prior to plugging in another router.

secondly call 1-800-VERIZON and have them first troubleshoot and reset on their end.

if they find it’s a bad router they can get you a replacement quickly. You could go to a local Fios store if one is available in your area and swap it out.

let Verizon check it out first. It may not be the router.