My Verizon Router login password

I have a Model #: MI424WR And I'm trying to get into my wireless configuration but I don't know What to put on the my login password my router has a login password written but it is like" ReEeat?41?" am I not supposed to type the question marks?? And What is the user name? Admin?

Re: My Verizon Router login password
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User:  admin

password:  password


User:  admin

password:  password1

If it was modified, and not by you, such that the above does not work and you don't know what the right credentials are, reset the Router.  Then it will resort to factory defaults and you will be able to setup the Router per your needs. { of course setting new credentials and recording them }

The recessed "reset" button is on the rear of the Router by the On/Off switch and can be reached by a paper clip or pen.