My Verizon website is a piece of junk
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I have to say, I've used the internet for over 20 years now. Even before there was the world wide web, back in BBS days. For the life of me, this My Verizon website is the most confused, endless loop, site I've gotten to in recent years.

What I am trying to do is download the wifi software so I can use the free wifi hotspot. I go to I click on a link to get started and it re-direct me to a login page. I log in, it takes me to a useless My Verizon start page. I search for the world WIFI, it takes me back to the original Verizon/wifi page. Click on the link to download, it asks me to log in (AGAIN). After completing the login, it takes me to the same useless My Verizon start page. The loop is endless. I've spent the last 30 minutes and could not download the **bleep** software.

Verizon needs to have QA team that really test these stuff over and over. Once they are done, they need to pass it over to public relation and have them see if they could navigate it properly before releasing out to the public. My goodness...

Re: My Verizon website is a piece of junk
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It's because the special userid you set up for wifi isn't fully setup yet.

The whole thing is **bleep** as you have different userids for different parts of the VZ site.  A couple of days ago the verizon central link started using a "Single Sign On" using Microsoft Live password.  It appears that it is only SSO for verizon central as logging on to verizon. com still uses it's old signon, the forums give you a choiuce of the forum or verizon userid neither of which was the SSO. 

You need to go to this link and do what it says on step 2

If your account is set up OK with the new userid you chose, selecting Verizon central under step2 should take you to the Manage My Verizon WI-FI page

Amusingly when I do this on my desktop machine the page says Your WI-FI Id is    xxxx and Your Wi-Fi ID cannot be changed or deleted  Another non SSO id

If I then select Download WI-FI Connect it just downloads and installs without any more prompts, more stupidity, took 5 minutes and a system restart to delete the usless software off the machine

Re: My Verizon website is a piece of junk
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the sign in loop is do to a bad temp file. clear your cookies and temp files and then try again. Its a compatibility issue with IE8. Everytime microsoft rolls out a new version of IE, it takes Verizon several months to correct the web site to work with the new version.

Re: My Verizon website is a piece of junk
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I use FireFox, my browsing history is cleared when I close FF and I delete temp files weekly. Still, I also have problems signing into this forum and my account. Cora
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I have to agree being a verizon/gte customer for over 15 years and fios now for 6 years. Everytime I try to do anything with my account all it does is displays a page telling me to call some 800 number. I jast added Fios TV to my service and it has the same problem. I want to order something and it tells me to call some 800 number! So much for On Demand:(

Re: My Verizon website is a piece of junk

At least you can log in. I haven't been able to log in to My Verizon for a week now. I get a HTTP 500 server error. I pay my bills online. If verizon charges me a late fee, I'm going to cancel. My two years was up last November, thankfully.