My 'box isn't active'

I had FIOS for a year, switched it off two years ago. I just ordered the service again, and asked them just to turn it on again. Should have taken ten minutes.

This has turned into, so far, a two day soap opera. The keep telling me the box isn't 'active' but can't explain what that means or how I can fix it. They insist I have to have a tech person come out and 'provision' it.

It's already been provisioned. There is literally nothing to do, that I can't do (I'm a software developer and build networks all the time). The cable modem is plugged into the optical cable. The ethernet cable runs between the modem and the router. They are both plugged into electricity and switched on. THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ON MY END. 

They wanted to send a tech team here in the MORNING on a WORK DAY for a THREE HOUR APPOINTMENT!! I said Saturday is the only option, which means I am 14 days away from getting the service installed.

So can someone tell me how to make my box 'active' since no one at Verizon seems to be able to tell me how to do it?

Here it is, all lit up and no place to go:

imageMy 'box isn't active' box

Re: My 'box isn't active'
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It's not a cable modem, it's an ONT.  FiOS does not use modems, plain and simple.

When you switched off service, the ONT was de-provisioned.  Only Verizon can re-activate / provision the ONT.  There is nothing you can do to change that.

There must be something in their system that is flagging a tech visit.  It could be any number of things, such as not having an accurate record of the ONT’s serial number / device ID, a disconnected patch fiber in your neighborhood’s distribution cabinet, or things you and I just don’t know about.  A tech will be able to sort out all of the missing pieces when onsite.

The only thing you can do is attempt to find a support rep who will give you more info and maybe find away to provision it without a tech visit.  I suggest you contact their support team via Verizon Direct, as the folks there tend to be better informed and more helpful then the phone reps.

Good Luck

Re: My 'box isn't active'
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The ONT looks like it has a connection to the network. Network and MGMT are lit. So Fiber signal at least isn't the problem. It's possible that the PON is going to be rebalanced if OP is ordering a high speed tier such as Gigabit.