My download speed sucks...
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This has been a problem since they installed Gigabit. If you do their speed test from their side to the router, its always the same. From the router to my wired desktop, its always different. What i dont understand, and if someone here can explain this to me, is that my upload FAR exceeds my download. Ive never gotten anywhere near gigabit speed on the download side. The most ive ever seen is 750 Mbps, and thats on a good day. My desktop is less than two years old and can handle gigabit, but 4 hours on the line with a tech team and 2 visits from a tech, and im told its my machine and there is nothing they can do because the signal from them to the router is fine. While im still getting better speeds than when i had Optimum, im still not getting what im paying for, which is slightly annoying.

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Unfortunately Verizon Fios states "up to" it does not guarantee any sustained speeds. 

The speed test to their proprietary server will show higher speeds.

tests to other sites will have congestion and lost hops etc.

there is not much more you can do that has not already been done.