My new FiOs line needs to be buried

We had FiOs installed last week. A temporary line was placed. It runs from a box, down the street, past 3 driveways, over the curb and sidewalk, through my grass, then to my house. This line physically can’t stay here much longer. Twice I’ve been told the crew was coming out. Now I need to mow the grass but can’t because I’ll cut the line. The line was taped down but now cars are driving over it and ripped up the tape. So now there is a line in the middle of the street. This line needs to be buried ASAP or I’ll have to cancel. I absolutely LOVE the speed of this internet and will be devastated to go back to Comcast but I don’t know how much longer my HOA will tolerate my grass and stray wires running from my house.   

Re: My new FiOs line needs to be buried
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